As nature intended.

OhmBrella is a leading edge practice that promotes holistic wellbeing and abundance, through the unity of life and purpose.


Align your personal and professional lives with your true purpose and discover your organic self.

Combining food-forest stays with workshops and one-to-one mentorship from leaders in the field of art,  nutrition, plant medicine, healing, mental health, enacting values and exploration of the spirit and soul.

Ohmbrella knows why you're here. We're work in progress too. Drop us a line or give us a call.

Immersive, transformative experiences, inspired by the laws of nature.

Immersive, transformative experiences, inspired by the laws of nature


Ohm-Brella owns an off-grid, conservation woodland. The space is for nature learning, where many of you will visit.

It operates as a food forest, workshop location, experiential space and centre for creative alchemy and human optimal performance.

Visitors will have the chance to learn about off-grid living solutions, bushcraft skills and food cultivation & foraging during whichever experience they join.

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