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Charged with love. Designed with purpose. Inspired by nature.

Our aim is to bring joy. Our goal is to fill lives, bodies and homes with things that heal and bring us blissfulness. Our desire is to make a positive impact that lasts. Our action is to embody these principles in everything we do ourselves. After over a decade working with the best brands on earth, I learnt a thing or two about quality and craftsmanship. I believe everything should be created in-house, down to the packaging. I believe local, UK artesanal skills are some of the best in the world. I believe we have a wealth of untapped alchemy and creative language just waiting to be re-instilled. There are many incredible boutique techniques and skills that we want to bring back. Not just sustainable building and food growing, but functional art and practical beauty. Everything you see on our channels is unique and hand-made in the @thewhiterabbitgallery X @ohm_brella workshop. Enquire within.


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